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Stained Concrete Floors Tucson

Your Affordable Tucson Stained Concrete Service

Are you interested in stained concrete floors? This type of flooring gives any room a look and feel of luxury that cannot be matched by any other flooring style. Instead of creating a solid, opaque effect like that of paint, stainsgo infuse the concrete with luminous, translucent tones that can vary depending on the type of surface they are applied to. Add to that the various techniques an expert can use and you get a unique, and beautiful one-of-a-kind floor, guaranteed to amaze every time you see it.

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What options do I have to stain my concrete floors?

It's amazing the looks you can achieve through concrete staining. Your floors can looked like polished marble, tanned leather, natural stone or even stained wood.

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There are two main categories for concrete staining: acid-based chemical stains and water-based acrylics. The majority of acid stains are comprised of water, hydrochloric acid and acid-soluble metallic salts. By penetrating the surface and reacting chemically with the hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) in the concrete you get the patterns and designs we've come to love in our stained floors.

It is the acid within the stain that etches the surface and allows the metallic salts to penetrate the concrete more easily. Once the reaction takes place, it becomes a permanent part of the concrete and eliminates the possibility of fading, chipping off or peeling away.

So what do stained concrete floors cost? You can find out easily by telling us a little about your project and letting us give you a free, no obligation quote.


Stamped Concrete Patterns and Design

It's a common and beautiful enhancement to place patterns and stamps into a concrete floor. With today's techniques it's possible to make concrete resemble anything from brick and slate to flagstone and cobblestone. If you were to buy floors made from these materials it would cost a pretty penny, not to mention require far more upkeep than a stamped concrete floor. This makes stamped concrete much more cost effective while still allowing you to achieve the look you have in mind. Our service allows you to stamp anything from driveways and courtyards to patios. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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What do stained concrete floors cost?

So what does stained concrete floors cost? The cost of your staining project will always depend on 3 factors: the complexity of the stain, how much preparation the surface requires, and the size of the project in terms of square footage. To give you an idea of your average project, a one-coat application of stain on concrete that doesn't need a lot of surface prep will run around $7 to $15 per square foot. A more elaborate staining project that involves integrating multiple colors and special design details can cost $20-$25 per square foot or more. The easiest way to find out how much your concrete staining job will cost is by getting a free, no obligation quote.

Frequently Asked Stained Concrete Questions

Will the concrete stain color fade?
The good news is that concrete stains penetrate into the actual surface so the color is very durable and lasts a long time. When the job is done correctly the color will not fade, chip, or peel away.

How do I maintain stained concrete?
Although concrete staining is permanent and doesn't flake off like paint, the fact is that it only penetrates the top layer of the concrete surface and will eventually wear away as the surface is worn by traffic or weather exposure. To help maintain the life of the stain it is a good idea to protect exterior stained concrete surfaces with a clear sealer. Similarly, with interior floors you should use a good floor wax. It is vital that you clean the flooring periodically by dry dust mopping and occasionally wet mopping with a neutral-pH cleaner.

What Is the difference between acid stains and water-based stains?
Acid-based concrete stains consist of metallic salts that are inorganic and are diissolved in a solution of acid and water. Acid stains penetrate into the surface of the concrete and react chemically to form a permanent bond. The resulting color is translucent instead of opaque, and this is what gives you the deep, rich tones and marbling effects that makes staining so attractive.Water based stains are non-reactive, meaning there is no chemical reaction taking place, so the color is more consistent. Water-based stains are typically a blend of acrylic polymers and pigments, and fill the pores of the concrete surface to produce a colored film or coating. Most of these products are also low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and safer to apply because they are free of solvents and acids.

What special effects are possible with stained concrete?
Stained concrete designs are vast and can be made to mimic everything from polished marble to natural stone. We can even make your floors look like stained wood.

Can all concrete be stained?
The general answer is yes, as long as the concrete was poured correctly and consistently. Both acid and water-based stains can be applied to new or old concrete. These methods can also be used both indoors and out, on everything from concrete floors and kitchen countertops to pool decks and driveways. The most important factor to consider is the condition of the surface. If the concrete is covered by grime, glues, coatings, curing membranes, or sealers they can prevent the stain from soaking in. If the staqin can't soak into the top layer then it won't be able to penetrate and achieve full color development.